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The Art of Acquiring and Selling

As an independent agent for collectors and foundations, Erica Barrish helps facilitate the acquisition of artwork as well as the discrete sale of important works. She sources exceptional and rare works from the modern to contemporary periods. She can also help demystify the auction process by bidding on behalf of collectors. Moreover, Erica is able to negotiate transactions in the auction setting as well as through private sales. 



Erica’s strong research and curatorial background can guide collectors as they seek to expand their art holdings. She can help define and develop a vision for a collection as a whole, as well as articulate the relationships among works within a collection. Her institutional background helps collectors forge and foster relationships with museums worldwide.


Insight and Advice

Erica is able to provide honest and confidential advice to her clients. She can assist with the acquisition of a single, unique object as well as build, maintain and divest collections of great diversity and depth. She knows what questions to ask, how to get results, and how to seize the best opportunities.



Erica can provide a breadth of information and guidance on artworks:

> Quality

> Rarity/scarcity

> Price

> Ranking within the artist’s oeuvre

> Desirability in the marketplace

> Research on and confirmation of an artwork’s history and provenance

> Provide detailed sales matrixes and market analytics as they relate to artworks under consideration



Erica can help with services ancillary to the artwork itself, including:

> Directing clients to the appropriate conservators

> Framing and installation

> Finding and organizing art shipments and transport around the globe

> Proposing various insurance options

> Advise on security for artwork

> Identify and facilitate exhibition loans at global institutions

> Design, organize and author individualized collections books 


Erica is a Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) appraiser with more than 15 years of experience. She received her appraisal certificate through the Rhode Island School of Design in partnership with the American Society of Appraisers. She authors appraisal reports for:

> Replacement value for insurance purposes

> Fair market value

> Damage and loss

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